03.07.2003 Checklist Author: David Černý
Standart procedures checklists for PSS Airbus A32X. Version 1.5. Size: 19 kB Download PSS A320 checklists

19.05.2003 Sector File Prague FIR + ActiveSCT - Version 1.2 Author:   SCT -- David Černý
 ActiveSCT -- Martin Klumpler
ASRC and PC Sector File Prague FIR and ActiveSCT. Validity from 15 MAY 2003. Size:
1 MB
Download PrahaFIR ActiveSCT

14.04.2003 Sector File LKPR_TWR Author: David Černý
Sector File for LKPR TWR (GND). With rwys, twys, stands, buildings, holding points and holding positions and much more... Size: 24 kB Download Sector File for LKPR TWR

07.02.2003 Aircraft Texture Author: Martin Běhounek
Very beautiful and professionally made Czech Airlines livery for PSS Airbus 320. Thanks to Martin Běhounek. Size:
1,67 MB
Download CSA A320 livery

06.01.2003 Manual Author: David Černý
Short MANUAL for Oliver Pabst's EDDW2002 and LEPA airports - made from original manual Size: 90 kB Download EDDW and LEPA manual

Last update 19.05.2003